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The Business

Portfolio Building MonopolyThe objective of the Portfolio Building Service is to enable you to acquire wealth through the acquisition of quality properties in excellent locations at discounted prices; and to build wealth through the retention of these properties; acquisition of additional properties and the effective management of the entire portfolio.

Identify your Interest

We source your business and package the investment in an easy to understand format, including:

a. Price list

b. Rental assessment

c. Investment Assessment

d. Floor plans and other statistics

Reserve a Property

  1. If you decide to purchase, inform us of the property you would like to secure You will be asked to pay an administration fee*
  2. Within 7 days we will ask you to sign all the necessary forms that you will need to pay your Introducers Fee. Signing the contract for the Payment of this fee (normally 2% of the property price plus VAT) ensures that the property is yours (subject to exchanges).
  3. A member of our mortgage team will contact you. And he should be able to obtain a mortgage in principle and finally a mortgage offer.

Commence the Legal Process

We will arrange for you to be contacted by a firm of reputable and independent Solicitor's firm. They will act for you and look after your interest every stage of the entire process.

Sign Contracts & Pay the Deposit

The contracts are sent to you and you will have 14-28 days to sign and return those contracts to your own solicitor with your deposit (normally 5%). You will pay in the region of £700 in solicitor's fees for all searches and disbursements.

Secure the Mortgage

Existing If the property is an existing property, the normal process of purchase New Build If the property is a new development and is due to be ready less than 6 months from completion, you will need to secure a mortgage offer from a lender prior to exchange. If however, the development is more than 6 months away from completion you could exchange contracts with a decision in principle and obtain a mortgage offer later.

Finance Package

LPS offers a finance package for a fee of 1% of the mortgage amount. This covers all costs associated with acquiring a mortgage and also any finance that we lend to you.


The property completes and any cash back entitlement or deposit refund is then forwarded to you, subject to valuation.

Let or Sell your Property

We will arrange to let your property as soon as the completion takes place. However if your property is in an area that is not covered by our lettings department, we will source for good lettings Agents in the local area that will be able to handle the property for you.*

* This is to secure the property for you and to pay for the initial administration of the process. This fee is presently 25% of the Introducer's fee or £450.00 whichever is greater. Payment of the Introducers Fee. The administrative fee is a non-refundable deposit. It is deductible from the final Introducer's fee.